Hong Kong Gifted Math Academy | HKGMA is established as a dedicated learning center offering a comprehensive range of math programs (and selective science courses) to children from the ages of 3 to 18 years old.
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Gifted Math Program Summer 2020

Other: Physics and Math Olympiad ( English )
Designed for Children aged 3 – 18

Tailor-made program
Customise your own child’s summer course experience with 3 friends.
Our team will boost your child’s math and science skills.

Develop and refine your child’s interest and ability
in Math and Science; improve their future potential

Pls note:
For the continued health and saftety of students and teachers:
– For our summer courses, Maximim in-person class sizes are limited to three (3) students
– If there is a change in the Coronavirus situation, HKGMA courses will be conducted
on line and you will be notified accordingly.

Enjoy Early Bird Offer Now !

  • Hong Kong Gifted Math Academy strives to inspire, develop and motivate students to achieve their highest potential for academic excellence.
  • Small group classes allow for peer learning and give students the ability to improve their confidence while working in a cooperative environment.
  • Regular feedback and reports mean that parents are always kept in the loop and know exactly what their child has been learning and what homework is expected of them.
  • Each course is designed to carry on from where the previous course ended meaning students are consistently improving their math skills and an end goal is always visible.


  • Relevant assignments reinforce the learning objectives and provide teachers and parents with clear and straightforward representation of the student’s progress.

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Improve your child’s interest in math through dynamic, interactive and fun activities designed to instill your child with mathematical confidence.

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HKGMA Summer Course: Discover a new way to boost your child’s potential and interest in maths

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